What to consider when buying printed custom logo mats

Printed custom logo mats can easily serve the purpose of being a publicity or promotional chief officer for your business . All business with a physical presence will greatly benefit from the use of printed logo mats. Your printed doormat gives the business:

  • The opportunity to expose your brand to people who may have been unaware of it as they walk in.
  • It gives free publicity, absolutely free in any sense to your brand assets like a logo, brand name ,company name, tagline, motto, mascot and build recall
  • Give customers product-related information.

Printed logo mats are ideal for promoting your brand and work effectively as heavy-duty floor mats that display your logo with stunning sharpness and clarity. There are different kinds of printed logo mats. The right one for you would depend on a variety of factors like the design, cost, usage among others.

Stencil Print Custom Logo Mats

These types of printed logo mats are predominant on coir mats. The stencil that is used can be made from a variety of materials eg paper and vinyl material. The type of material used for the stencil greatly affects the sharpness of the logo edges when being printed on the mat. A special spray is then used to print the logo onto the mat.

The durability of the logo is greatly affected by the quality of the spray used. If the spray does not wash away because of water , then the logo will last longer , otherwise it will soon fade away if the mat is used in wet prone areas.

Screen Printed Custom Logo mats

This method of printing logo mats is only viable if the order quantity is high, it is not possible for a single mat otherwise the cost of production will soon outweigh the benefit of the product. the cost of screen printing on a logo mat is also affected by the number of colors and complexity of the logo.

Screen printing can be done on carpet, coir or rubber logo mats. the following steps can be used to make the stencil for screen printing

1.Create design

The design is printed on a transparent acetate film. This will be used to create the stencil.

2. The screen is prepared

Next, the printer will choose a mesh screen to suit the complexity of the design, and the texture of the material being printed. The mesh screen is then coated with a layer of light-reactive emulsion, which will harden when developed under bright light.

3. The emulsion is exposed

The acetate sheet featuring the design is then laid onto the emulsion-coated screen, and the whole thing is exposed to a very bright light. The light hardens the emulsion, so the parts of the screen which are covered by the design remain in liquid form.

If the final design is going to include more than one colour, then a separate screen must be used to apply each layer of ink. To create multi-coloured products, the printer must use his skill to design each stencil, and line them up perfectly to ensure the final design is seamless.

Step 4: The emulsion is washed off, creating the stencil

After the screen has been exposed for a set time, the areas of the screen not covered by the design will have turned hard. Any unhardened emulsion is then carefully rinsed away. This leaves a clear imprint of the design on the screen for the ink to pass through.

The screen is then dried, and the printer will make any necessary touch-ups or corrections to make the imprint as accurate as possible to the original design. The stencil is now ready to be used.

Digitally printed custom logo mats

If your design demand high resolution images to be printed, the above methods will not be sufficient. mats with hd images will have to be printed using direct print printers like uv printer or sublimation printer. The type of printer largely depends on the materials to be used for the mat. thicker materials will demand that a uv printer be used for the production of the custom printed mat. if the carpet is thinner and light in color a sublimation printer will be sufficient to print the carpet for the logo mats.

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