Should you worry about entrance mat

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The answer to this question is probably yes depending on what role you play in an organisation.

  1. If you control the buildings operations budget you would appreciate how much an impact the presence or non presence of an entrance mat has on the overall budget.
  2. If you are in responsible for the cleaning up of the premises you would definitely worry about the entrance mat.
  3. You are responsible for workplace health and safety.
  4. You create brand awareness and marketing strategies for your company.
  5. You manage the customer experience and are responsible for customer satisfaction.

Maybe you still asking yourself , why the hell all these people would be worried about an entrance mat. Let me explain below.

1. You control your building’s operations budget.

It is not debatable that entrance mats are crucial on an entrance doorways. However budgets are limited in scope, property managers have the option to buy or rent an entrance mat. Did you know that on average, a weekly matting rental service contract costs about 50% more than purchasing and self-maintaining entrance mats over a 3 year period? 

And the savings of ownership don’t stop there…there’s knock-on effect savings through cleaner, safer, dryer floors that are easier to keep clean. Ownership of entrance mat has the advantage of easier branding, ownership allows entrance mats to also serve as branded mats.

2. You are in charge of cleaning services.

Property management professionals are always looking for smart ways to reduce costs, boost efficiencies, and get more work done with fewer resources. Proper, functional, commercial-quality entrance matting can reduce your manhours spent on floor cleaning.  Good-quality, high-performance matting – not floppy, sloppy rental matting – actively grabs and traps incoming dirt, keeping it concentrated at the entrance points where cleanup is easy and fast…not distributed throughout your building.  Imagine that incoming dirt is like a sticky spilled liquid: it’s much easier and faster to clean up that sticky spill when it’s concentrated into a small puddle, rather than it being spread out over hundreds of square feet in a fine mist!

3. You are responsible for workplace health and safety.

H&S officers have to keep a sharp eye out for workplace dangers, and trip-and-fall hazards are a safety threat for both employees and customers/visitors. Rental mats are notorious for being tripping hazards simply because of how floppy they are – they simply don’t stay put and lie flat on the floor!  Shoes catch on the edges and corners of rental mats as people walk over them, causing them to wrinkle up, flop over, and become a serious trip-and-fall hazard. Rental mats are prone to flop because they’re “launderable”…which is just another way to say “as floppy as a bath towel because this mat has to be limp enough to go into an industrial washing machine”!

What’s beneficial for the rental service isn’t beneficial for you – and shouldn’t YOU be the one who benefits from the expense of having entrance mats?

4. You create brand awareness and marketing strategies for your company.

Most people watch where they’re walking, which means that they often have eyes on the floor when they enter a building. Why not put your logo or branding messaging right in front of their eyes? Your facility’s flooring is an untapped resource for branding opportunities that most retailers have been overlooking. Use your entrance mats for a dual purpose: improve building safety and cleanliness, while simultaneously reinforcing your brand with an inlaid logo mat! Entrance matting is a necessity for a well-managed commercial building, so why not take maximum advantage of that blank canvas to get your message across?

5. You manage the customer experience and are responsible for customer satisfaction.

Entrance matting is the first physical touchpoint that your customers and visitors have with your space. The floor mat is the first part of a building’s interior that they directly touch, and your floor mats make a massive impact on their first impressions. Do they look clean and tidy, or are they dirty and covered in debris? Do they properly fit the space, or are they a sloppy hodgepodge of mismatched throw-down mats? Do they feel stable and secure underfoot, or are they slippy and floppy? Customers make judgements about a business without even realizing they’re doing it…are you letting crappy mats undermine your hard work in creating a top-quality customer experience?

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