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Residential doormats have a variety of purposes from health maintenance to safety precautions . Lately home entrance mats are being used to complement home d├ęcor thereby serving aesthetic purposes. Most new home owners are ordering coir personalized welcome mats to convey chic and personal messages to visitors .

The rising popularity of logo mats for commercial locations has greatly influenced the use of branded mats in residential areas. the awareness of safety requirements at workplaces has also transcended heavily to home spaces as well. Though floor mats seem to be simple objects that almost hide from sight, one will be surprised in the ways in which mats can augment color schemes and truly pull a room together. This is due mainly to the fact that these branded mats are affordable and they also highly fashionable. Just like business professionals, most individuals would like their home to appear attractive and well put together. 

Here are the different types of entrance mats you can use at home and some quick suggestions on what material you should pick:

These are some of the type of mats you can order for your homes. This list is by no-way comprehensive but just a guideline

1. Indoor mats

When buying indoor mats , a lot of thinking may have to be considered. You have to consider the color and style of your interiors. You have to make sure that the entrance mat blends in the room and will not look out of place.

Luckily for us we have variety of mat colors that you can choose so as to blend nicely with your decor.

personalised home mat or welcome mat for khubeka residence

We can make welcome mats for your homes in different shapes and sizes. we will listen to your requirements and provide exactly the kind of mat you need.

You must make sure that the entrance mats you will buy are durable because you will wash them regularly. Since entrance mats absorb dust and dirt particles throughout the day, you cannot just leave them dirty for weeks.  Dirty mats are ineffective and may become hazardous.

Ribbed entrance mats made of polypropylene or those that have heavy-duty vinyl backing are great for indoors because it will avoid accidental slipping.

Indoor entrance mat can also be made from coir , especially on those doorways that are sheltered.

2. Outdoor Mats

While indoor entrance mats have to be based on its looks, outdoor entrance mats need to be sturdy and more useful.

Pick vinyl loop or vinyl mesh materials because these materials are great in absorbing water, dust, dirt and snow. These entrance mats will hold the particles inside the mat firmly and will prevent them from entering the home.

Entrance mats made from nitrile rubber are also good for outdoor use. These types of entrance mats can even absorb grease/oil and soil particles from under the shoes.

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