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High-quality logo mats will visually enhance any entrance area. From reception greeting areas to the exterior outside your front door. Personalised doormats can help reinforce your brand’s identity, as well as allow you to connect with your clients and customers.

Personalised mats are not only there for style, but they will also protect your property from damage. This includes dirt and debris that people unknowingly trample into your property. Our logo mats are also durable and machine washable. This means they will provide benefits for years to come.

A logo mats main function is to create a great impression on any guests when they arrive. Personalised doormats will transform your entrance area. While also protecting your property’s floor.

Logo Mats We Provide

At Marsec Matting, we offer a wide variety of logo mats. Ideal for all budgets and style preferences. This includes custom logo mats with styles such as rubber-back mats and coir logo mats. As well as outdoor scraper mats and brush logo matting.

Floor space provides huge marketing potential for businesses (an area that is often unused). With a simple touch like a logo mat upon arrival, this can transform someone’s perception of your business. You can convey your professionalism and expertise to any guests. All you need is a clearly defined logo and our experts will take care of the rest.

When ordering from us here at Marsec Matting, there is no minimum order for our custom logo mats. For us it is important that we focus on the quality of our products than insisting on minimum orders. However we offer great discounts to orders with bigger quantities. From time to time our website will indicate dicounts and promotions available on our logo mats.

At Marsec Matting, we are championing the use of floor mat power in conveying brand objectives . Our mission is to create the wow factor to your prospective visitors, making sure that they observe your brand power when they enter the store or premises.

To ensure our logo mats are high-quality, all options are:

  • Our logo mats are easier to maintain in a cleaner by making sure that the material used can be cleaned easier and can be dried in the possible shortest time if they get wet during the cleaning process.
  • Berber point carpets are strong in nature that’s why we naturally recommend them for our logo mats.
  • the logo on the mat is made by different pieces of carpet cut and combined to form the logo during an intricate process. The materials used are non fading in nature hence the logo mat’s lifetime equals the lifetime of the mat. we guarantee that logo will not fade at all during the log mat’s lifetime
  • The logo mats are backed with a nitrile rubber insertion. The rubber on the mat is heavy which ensures that the mat has weight and therefore will not move around. this important for safety reasons of your prospective visitors.

What are Logo Mats Made From?

When branding is top of the agenda , the logo mat is not an exception. Logo mats at the entarance of your premises ensures that your brand is not missed. We use variety of materials to make the logo mats

The type of materials used is mainly depended on a variety of factors. For your logo mats we have optiopns such as berber point carpets , color rib, loop vinyl rolls or coir rolls.

The result is always a premium quality mat at an affordable price . We promise to match any price when an apple is compared to an apple.

  • Can be made using berberpoint,color rib,dirt trapper or many of our other quality matting designs
  • Can be fully edged
  • Perfect for lettering and silhouette images
  • Can be inserted into entrance recesses

Specialist Personalised Logo Designs

At Marsec Matting , we have a dedicated designer who will walk you through the design of your mat to make sure that all the best design combines logo mat practicality ,aesthetics and budget considerations. All this is done is without an additional cost on the price of the logo mat. The result is that we come up with personalized mat that will be relevant to your special circumstances.

Th personalized mats we manufacture are relevant to variety of businesses from retail, corporate, industrial, residential and other sectors of the economy.

If you need more information about how to boost brand power using our logo mats please call us on +27 11 862 1050 .

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