Don’t miss these marketing benefits of using custom logo mats

Don’t miss these marketing benefits of using custom logo mats post thumbnail image
a mock up mat displaying a marsec natting logo and displaying  a message of how logo mats can benefit a business

Your business floors can be turned into a marketing war horse, helping you generate more sales and client loyalty. Ask your self if you are are maximizing the potential benefits of this expensive and limited resource. Traditionally business have relies mostly in using windows, walls and areas within the business to place signage, visual elements and wall displays, floors have largely been ignored for a long time. Due to the rising need for cleaner spaces partly because of epidemics floor mats have risen to become one of the best marketing tools for any business.

Floor logo mats are highly conspicuous

Beautiful floors in an environment are quite conspicuous. What happens then when you add a logo mat? It surely becomes a marketing tool for your business,. Naturally when you enter clean environment, a noble person will need to make sure that they are bringing a trail of dirt , so you look down when you wipe your shoes of the dirt. If its a logo mat that you are using , it means you are maximizing your opportunities to market the brand.

Logo mats are completely customizable

You can create logo mats that fit your marketing theme, agenda , objectives or goals. You can have a logo mat thats congratulatory in nature when someone buys a car for example. You can have a logo mat on apromotional mat , just to show case your barnd. It can also also be warm welcoming logo for a boss or important person. Logo mats are completely customizable for any event.

Branded floor mats are an affordable marketing tool compared to other marketing alternatives

Logo mats are affordable and wiser marketing tool compared to posters and other signs. The main reason being that they last longer if done correctly . Our logo mats have 2 year warranty on them. The other reason being that they serve multiple purposes : The original purpose of trapping dirt and protecting the floors.

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