Coir matting is the oldest and most traditional type of floor mat available. Made from natural coconut fibres, Coir mats offer the perfect solution for keeping entrance ways, floor recesses and door wells dry and free from dirt and dust. Coir mats are an excellent vinyl backed scraper mat that can be used inside and out. The coarse rustic fibres scrape clean passing foot traffic removing wet and dry dirt quickly and efficiently.

Available in a 17mm thickness – we will cut your coir matting to your required width and length. Coir mats are usually despatched within 24 hours.


Natural fibre coir mats suit most doorways, entrances and walkways. Coconut matting soaks up and retains water and dirt, keeping your floors and entrances dry and clean throughout the day. Coir mats are also incredibly easy to manage and keep clean with a simple daily vacuum.

Our range of coir door mats are vinyl backed which keeps dirt and moisture inside the mat. Here at Marsec matting we can provide coir matting cut to a specific size, a cut length or even supplied as a complete roll. Our coir matting is also available in a choice of colours to ensure it complements your interior decor.


As well as providing an excellent internal solution for entrance ways and door wells, coir matting can also be ideal for outdoor use. The bristles of the coir matting from the coconut fibres provide a rough surface that quickly remove dirt or mud from shoes before entering a building.

If you require assistance with selecting any of our coir mat products, please do not hesitate in contacting our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Coir Logo Mats

If you are looking for a more natural choice for your custom logo or graphics, the Coir Logo Mat is the ideal solution. Free artwork and delivery in just 2 days from the date final artwork approval.


Coir mats, otherwise known as coconut mats, are a beautiful and practical addition to any entranceway, either in your home or within a commercial property. But, to keep your coir mat in great condition and to help prolong its life, it is important to follow three basic care tips.

1. Shake it – Although a fairly obvious tip, shaking out or vacuuming your coir mat every now and then, really does help, not only in making it look better, but also as a way of freeing up the fibres to improve the performance of the mat.

2. Wash it – Over time and with constant use, natural coir mats will need washing, but before putting your coir mat into the washing machine check that it’s machine washable – coir mats are naturally ultra-absorbent and can get damaged if saturated.

For a non-machine-washable coir mat, the best way to clean it is by using a dry foam or powder cleaner, similar to the type you might use on your carpet. Avoid strong detergents or solvents, as these tend to weaken the natural fibres which may result in pile-loss.

3. Brush it – Using a stiff broom or brush is a highly effective way to clean your coir mat, just make sure the mud or other dirt is left to dry, otherwise brushing will simply force the dirt deeper into the fibres.