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Hotels need to be squeaky clean all the times hence the need for high performance entrance mats. Mat performance is impacted by texture , strength of mat fiber and the size of the mat. It is highly recommended that the size of the mat is at least twice the size of the entrance . This insures that there is enough space to wipe off the dirty shoe soles.

And think about it. Hotels have exceptionally hard traffic on their floors. Not only are lots of people always coming and going, but those people are also dragging behind them heavy suitcases. This is why hotels need the best quality entrance mats.

Hotels need entrance mats of the best quality. If you think about it, hotels have exceptionally high traffic on their floors and people are going in an out pulling heavy suitcases.

Why are entrance mats for hotels so important?

Entrance mats at every entrance serve to achieve various objectives :

They trap water. Loop vinyl mats the industry standard for wet entrances are effective in trapping water from being trekked into the hotels. When water treks into the premises it creates slippery floors and the probability of slipping increases . Because hotels are typically high traffic areas you make a safer place by trapping water at the entrance.

They trap dirt. Not only do good entrance mats trap dirt, but they also trap pollen and mold spores. They improve ambient air quality and lessen allergies. Better air quality in a hotel means employees with fewer sick days and happier and healthier guests.

  1. They provide traction. Mats offer increased traction that is lost when floors are wet and dirty. Mats actually scrub the bottoms of shoes and hold on to whatever dirt, water, or debris comes off the shoes. Increased traction is critical in preventing accidents.

Very high-traffic areas may need recessed mats with grill systems  for recessed areas that can be cleaned. Don’t worry! We have those kinds of mats, too.

Entrance Mats need to be regularly cleaned, a dirt mat is essentially a health hazard in itself. It is therefore a good investment to have another mat so that when you clean the other mat you still have something to put on the entrance. After cleaning the floor mat , enough time is required to let it dry before being put back .

Mats, however, are easy to clean. All of them can be hosed off, and many can be washed in a commercial washing machine. Be sure to check the manufacturers’ instructions about the best way to clean your mats.

It is always recommended that when the hotel is fully booked to pit a floor mat on every doorway. This will make such a great difference than you can comprehend.

we have interesting solutions on maintaining cleaner environments and promoting safety particularly in hotels. If you need more information on how to order one of our mats or any information about entrance mats please call +27 11 862 1050 

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