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Marsec Matting
South Africa Logo Mats Specialists

Marsec Matting are South Africa’s leading supplier of quality, heavy duty, logo mats for both commercial and industrial business use. Our custom door mat range includes indoor and outdoor logo mats that are made to your exact requirements including size, business design and colour choice. We offer free artwork visuals created prior to ordering .

Our door mats allow customers to create a warm welcome at their property to greet visitors and staff with a logo or message.

The mats we supply are always tailored to individual project requirements, colour, sizes, design and specifications reflect the particular needs of each project. And although specialised this is done quickly with our customers dates in mind.

Marsec Matting offer a nationwide mat service supplying all types of mats to all types of people for all types of places. Our logo mats are seen everywhere from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Base Color range

We have a wide range of carpet base colors. You can choose from berber point 920/650 which is suitable for high traffic area mats . Carpet base colors are also available in belgotex color rib which is a much softer range

Why Choose Logo Mats for Your Business

Logo mats create a positive branding experience for clients upon entering your business and at the same time maintaining hygiene and safety precautions . We have logo mats for indoor and outdoor, for all types of venue and purpose. Wherever you display custom branded mats, they reinforce your company or business identity. 

Variety of Business Logo Mats: We have bespoke mats suitable for all types of businesses from retailindustrial,commercial ,hotel and leisure ; and made here in South Africa from a variety of different materials, such as hard wearing rubber backed mats and berber point carpets. All our logo mats come fully guaranteed. Browse some of the selection below and get in touch if you need more information.

The entrance mats we supply

xpanda logo mat

Logo Mats

  • Suitable for higher traffic areas-Our logo mats are specifically designed for high traffic areas such as shopping mall entrances and apartment lobbys.
  • Thick rubber backing and bevelled edges-This ensures that the mat is heavier and therefore prevents the mat from moving around easily
  • The rubber back is molded in the shape of the pattern, diamond or square pattern. As such, the mat will maintain its original shape overtime.
  • Our inlaid logo mats ensures that the logo does not fade with time and last for the lifetime of the mat

man standing on an outdoor mat

Outdoor Mats

  • Our outdoor mats are made of loop vinyl which actively removes dirt from the soles of your shoes.
  • They are Hygienic and easy to clean, it also offers excellent cushioning properties for use as a comfort or anti-fatigue mats
  • Available in awide range of colors to match your branded mat .
  • Suitable for high traffic indoor and outdoor entrance ways, wet areas, factories and more.
yamaha branded mats

Promotional Mats

  • Suitable for product launches and events.
  • Our promotional mats will have high logo clarity to ensure that the brand is clearly visible.
  • Available in a wide range of colors to make sure thatwe are able to capture a varriety of product themes to be promoted.
  • Our inlaid logo mats ensures that the logo does not fade with time and last for the lifetime of the mat

Still not sure what type of mat is suitable for your particular situation ?

Please chat with one of our agents now on whatsapp

Welcome Door & Floor Mats

Available in standard and custom sizes with or without a logo. Our mats are easy to clean, simply shake them to loosen the dirt and hose them down with water

Our range of carpet floor mats are incredibly popular due to their flexibility and ease of cleaning.

Heavy Duty Logo Mats

Whether your mat requirements are for a business or home – we are passionate about offering a wide range of quality products, available at a competitive price with a reliable service that is second to none. Service that is based on experience and knowledge built up over more than 20 years. It is this experience that gives Marsec Matting the edge over our competitors.

We supply mats up to 6.6m long and up to 2m wide – plain or with a logo, with or without borders and with a backing finish to suit your particular floor surface.

We also offer heavy duty rubber mats for commercial kitchens and industrial usage. These mats offer a number of benefits including anti-slip safety in areas with wet or greasy floors and comfort for workers that stand for long periods of time.

Custom Racing Bike Mats

  • Bold and race mat, in factory colour-coded designs with your bike logo
  • Garage mats can be used for decoration and display purposes in home garages and dealer showrooms.
  • Mats also function as protective work-mats both indoors and outdoors, preventing fuel and lubricant spills on the floor when carrying out maintenance and repairs.
  • Each mat is constructed with nylon-fibred mat top section which is oil and water resistant, and features a non-slip backing.
  • Custom sized mats